Once written, published and viewed by the crowd

  Words convey meaning both subtle and loud.

Mistakes reflect poorly and sometimes can cost

Without a trained proofreader profits get lost.

      © Shelley Morison 2013

'Oversights put right'


CHECK AND CORRECT proofreading

Professional Proofreading and Copy Editing Service

by Shelley Morison

Proofreading and Copy Editing

Some errors (oversights) stand out on a page while others, that are less obvious e.g. changes in font, extra spaces or tense inconsistencies, can distract the reader and lessen the effectiveness of your words and the quality of your document.




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What is involved

Some documents require a simple proofread while others may need an extensive copy edit. I will be able to advise you after sighting an example of your document  / project.

Note: A sample should be representative of the total work involved and this could be (depending on size) up to 10 pages. 

Basic Proofread: Check and correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation

Copy Edit: Check and correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, layout, presentation and consistency in style (may include checking facts. (Copy editing service not available for novels.)

Copy Edit Extensive: As above plus checking references (APA, Harvard, Oxford, Vancouver).

Format Options

Soft Copy: Email me your soft copy (electronic) and I'll track the changes for you in Microsoft Word and email it back. If required I'll also provide a Word document or Excel spreadsheet detailing the suggested changes.

Hard CopyCourier or mail me your hard copy (typed). I will return this to you via the same method with suggested changes clearly marked.

Note: All changes are suggestions only (based on my knowledge and English skills) and it is up to the client to accept or reject.