In business, attention to detail shows your professionalism and gives credibility to your words;

 at university, it leads to higher grades.


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C H E C K  and  C O R R E C T

is committed to providing you with the best possible service 

to ensure your absolute satisfaction and ongoing business 



Providing accurate proofreading and/or copy editing by a qualified proofreader who has a broad general knowledge plus extensive publishing and business experience.  

  Shelley Morison

​​​​​​​​C H E C K  and  O R R E C T

P R O O F R E A D I N G   &  C O P Y  E D I T I N G 

'Oversights put right'


Assignments, Booklets, Dissertations, Essays, Research Proposals, Theses, Tutorials

Advertising, Applications, Brochures, Catalogues, CVs, Guest/ Motel Information, Manuals, Menus, Newsletters, PowerPoint Presentations, Proposals, Reports, Websites

eBooks, Blogs, Centennial Booklets, Family Histories, Formatting, Ins​tructions, Manuscripts, Newsletters, Novels, Plays, Programmes, Short Stories.

​​​​​​​Qualified and Experienced​

All proofreaders have good English skills and an eye for detail

Some proofreaders have 34 years publishing experience in formatting, layout, editing, proofreading. Business Experience - advertising, health sector, management, sales, stationery.

Only one proofreader has

all the above PLUS a Diploma of Proofreading & Editing a​warded with Excellence:
Shelley Morison at  H E C K  and  O R R E C T